KMC2D: GPU Empowered Pipeline for Kinship Matrix Calculation-2D Epistatic Effect   
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Module Description

  • KMC2D is a GPU empowered pipeline, which can speed up the epistatic kinship matrix calculating.
  • KMC2D was developed in Linux at the GPU environment of Telsa K80, the host and kernel code are written in C++, and packed as a whole file , then compiled through a makefile deployed with NVCC (9.0). KMC2D have been successfully compiled and tested in our linux system. User can freely download, modify and compile the source code without restriction.


Test Dataset

Source Code

Development Information

Current Version:V1.0
Licence:GPL 3.0
CUDA Devices:Tesla K80
Driver Version: 9.0
Run Version:9.0
CUDA Cores:2496
GPU Clock: 0.82GHz
Last Update:07/28/2018
Contact:Wenchao Zhang, wezhang AT