GMEF: Genotype Maker Extraction and Filtering   
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Module Description

  • GMEF(Genotype Marker Extracting and Filtering) Package mainly include a C++ function module and some script files, which together can extract the genotype markers from original variant call file(.bcf) and then filter the markers by the specific criterias.
  • The function module was developed in C++ in a cross-open source IDE Code:: Blocks and have been successfully compiled and tested in our linux system. User can freely download, modify and compile the source code without restriction. The Script is written in perl and bashell, which work as a wrapper to call the command lines of bcftools and the exectuable program.


Test Dataset

Source Code

Development Information

Language:C/C++, Perl, bshell
Current Version:V1.0
IDECode::Blocks 16.01
Licence:GPL 3.0
Last Update:02/02/2017
Contact:Wenchao Zhang, wezhang AT