Published Online Resources

Web Servers
psRNATarget A plant small RNA target analysis server PMID: 29718424, 21622958
pssRNAit A web server for designing effective and specific plant siRNAs with genome-wide off-target assessment PMID: 32651189
GWASPRO A high-performance genome-wide association analysis server PMID: 30508039
PIP_SNP Pipelines for Preprocessing Genotyped SNP Data Featured as LD Bin Mapping, Missing Genotype Imputing, and LD Bin Marker Synthesizing PMID: 34235432
KMC1D * A GPU-empowered parallel computing pipeline for main effect (1D) Kinship matrix calculation PMID: 33575561
KMC2D * A GPU-empowered parallel computing pipeline for epistatic effect (2D) Kinship matrix calculation PMID: 33575561
PATOWAS A pipeline for trait analysis in 'ome'-wide association studies PMID: 30272029
MAD-HiDTree Distinguishing HapMap accessions through recursive set partitioning in hierarchical decision trees PMID: 33613609
PlantTFcat An online plant transcription factor and transcriptional regulator categorization and analysis tools PMID: 24219505
PEPIS A pipeline for estimating epistatic effect in linkage mapping and genome-wide association studies PMID: 27224861
TrSSP Prediction of membrane transport proteins and their substrate specificities using primary sequence information PMID: 24968309
DeGNServer Deciphering genome-scale gene-gene interaction network through high performance reverse engineering analysis PMID: 24328032
GPLEXUS GPLEXUS: enabling genome-scale gene association network reconstruction and analysis for very large-scale expression data PMID: 24178033
AtSubP The Arabidopsis subcellular localization prediction server PMID: 20647376
Online tools
AffyMap Affymetrix probe-set mapping tool  
GMEF Genotype marker extraction and filtering  
MPlot An Online Tool drawing Manhattan Plot  
QQPlot QQ-plot generator  
LegumeIP LegumeIP V3: From Models to Crops - An Integrative Gene Discovery Platform for Translational Genomics in Legumes PMID: 33166388, 26578557, 22110036
HRGRN A Graph search-empowered integrative database of Arabidopsis signaling transduction, metabolism and gene regulation networks PMID: 26657893
MtSSPdb The Medicago truncatula small secreted peptide database PMID: 32079733
Puccinia novopanici A genomic data resource for Puccinia novopanici PMID: 31050598
PvGEA Common Beam Gene Expression Atlas and Network Analysis PMID: 25283805
TrichOME A comparative 'omics' database for plant trichome PMID: 19939948
MPP Phenylpropanoids and plant defense -- an updated genomic perspective PMID: 21029326
Manuscript Resources
MPageRank Mining functional modules in heterogeneous biological networks using multiplex PageRank approach PMID: 27446133
MET-XAlign A metabolite cross-alignment tool for LC-MS based comparative metabolomics PMID: 26247233
MET-COFEA A liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry data processing platform for metabolite compound feature extraction and annotation PMID: 24856452
MET-COFEI A novel gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data Processing platform for metabolite compound feature extraction and identification  

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