MAD-HiDTree: A Tool for Multiple Accessions' Distinguishing through Hierarchical Decision Tree   
Location:  Analysis

Step 1 Upload Genotype Matrix Data file (a mxn matrix, e.g Genotype_Matrix.txt)   [Download demo]    
- upload data size limit: 2G
Step 2 Parameter Configuration   
Marker Reuse
Sub_Set_Th([1, 100], default as 30)


Reminder to the Users:
1. Please carefully check your data file formats before submit: Genotypic matrix files must be Comma or Tab delimited text file, and stored as m(rows, Markers)xn(cols, Individuals), each row corresponds to one genotype marker(SNP/INDEL), and each entry corresponds to a meaningful genotype as "0/0", "1/1", .
2. Welcome to contact us(wezhang AT for your speicifc data analysis.

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