Please cite our paper: Mishra NK, Chang J, Zhao PX(2014). Prediction of membrane transport proteins and their substrate specificities using primary sequence information. PLoS One. 9(6):e100278..
TrSSP: the Transporter Substrate Specificity Prediction Server   
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- Input sequence limit: First two modules (2000), Swissprot based (1000), Uniref90 based (280) / session.
- file / input sequence size limit: 50 Mb.
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  Amino Acid composition based SVM  
  AAindex based  
  PSSM based (Swissprot)  (slow)  
  AAindex + PSSM based (Swissprot)  (more accurate; slow)  
  PSSM based (Uniref90)  (very slow)  
  AAindex + PSSM based (Uniref90) (more accurate; very slow)  
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