Module Description

  • KMC1D is a GPU empowered pipeline, which can speed up the main effect(additive and domiance) kinship matrix calculating.
  • KMC1D was developed in Linux at the GPU environment of Telsa K80, the host and kernel code are written in C++, and packed as a whole file , then compiled through a makefile deployed with NVCC (9.0). KMC1D have been successfully compiled and tested in our linux system. User can freely download, modify and compile the source code without restriction.
  • NGS technology make it possible to generate a great huge number of SNP data, and finally result GBs scale genotypic marker data. To efficiently load the very huge genotypic data, we developed a moudle, which can work in HTML5 browser and implement the resumable multithreading chunked data uploading.


Test Dataset

Source Code

Development Information

Current Version:V1.0
Licence:GPL 3.0
CUDA Devices:Tesla K80
Driver Version: 9.0
Run Version:9.0
CUDA Cores:2496
GPU Clock: 0.82GHz
Last Update:07/25/2019
Contact:Wenchao Zhang, wezhang AT