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Location:  Details of SNF2 family

Family Type Chromatin remodeling
Plant Specific No
Functional Domains DNA Helicases
Must-have InterProScan Domain Pattern IPR000330
Prohibited InterProScan Domain Pattern IPR001965

Snf2 proteins are a family of helicase-like proteins that direct energy derived from ATP hydrolysis into the mechanical remodelling of chromatin structure . Chromatin remodelers constitute one specialized family within helicase Superfamily 2 (SF2), and were originally named for their ability to alter the position and structure of nucleosomes. The ATPase motor, called SWI2/SNF2 after the first chromatin remodeler studied, has been found in a wide range of proteins, not all of which target the nucleosome but are aimed at disrupting distinct protein-nucleic acid complexes. Members of the Snf2 family have been demonstrated to remodel and/or disrupt a variety of DNA:protein. Biochemical observations showed that Swi2/Snf2 enzymes have the ability to specifically translocate dsDNA and introduce superhelical torsion in topologically constrained systems. The crystal structure of the archaeal Swi2/Snf2 homolog SSO1653 in complex with dsDNA showed that motifs Ia and IIa each bind one of the two strands of the duplex, mainly via interactions with the sugar?Cphosphate backbone.


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