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Location:  Details of RR-A-type family

Family Type Response regulator and putative novel transcription factor
Plant Specific No
Functional Domains Receiver domains
Must-have InterProScan Domain Pattern IPR001789
Prohibited InterProScan Domain Pattern -

Two-component signal transduction pathways typically composed of a sensor histidine kinase that receives the input stimuli and then phosphorylates a response regulator that effects an appropriate change in cellular physiology. Histidine kinases and response regulators have an intrinsic modularity that separates signal input, phosphotransfer, and output response; this modularity has allowed bacteria to dramatically expand and diversify their signaling capabilities. Plants likely gained two-component pathways through the integration of chloroplast genes into the nuclear genome. Whereas two-component genes are found in yeasts, filamentous fungi, slime molds, and plants, they are conspicuously absent from higher eukaryotes and metazoans. The plant hormone cytokinin signaling involves His kinase receptors that perceive cytokinin and transmit the signal via a multistep phosphorelay similar to bacterial two-component signaling systems. The final targets of this phosphorelay are a set of Arabidopsis thaliana Response Regulator (ARR) proteins containing a receiver domain with a conserved Asp phosphorylation site. One class of these, the type-A ARRs, are negative regulators of cytokinin signaling that are rapidly transcriptionally upregulated in response to cytokinin.


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The family is the subfamily family of ARR-B in PlantTFDB.

The family is the superfamily family of ARR-B Pseudo ARR-B in PlnTFDB.


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