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Location:  Details of MYB-HB-like family

Family Type Transcription factor
Plant Specific No
Functional Domains DNA binding domain
Must-have InterProScan Domain Pattern (IPR001005 or IPR006447 or IPR017930 or IPR017877) and (IPR009057 or IPR001356)
Prohibited InterProScan Domain Pattern IPR001789 IPR017053

The MYB (myeloblastosis) transcription factor family is present in all eukaryotes. MYB DNA-binding domain, contains ~52 amino acid residues in length and forms a helix-turn-helix fold with three regularly spaced tryptophan residues. Homeobox genes encode a typical DNA-binding domain of 60 amino acids, known as homeodomain. Typically, homeodomain folds into characteristic 3D structure containing three alpha-helices, of which the second and third form a helix-turn-helix motif. Myb DNA binding domain and Homo box domain are very similar. In some protein both Myb and homoedomain both are present. This category of transcription factors is more abundant in plant.


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The family is the subfamily family of MYB in PlantTFDB.

The family is the subfamily family of MYB in PlnTFDB.


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